Complete engineering services

The office was established in 2018 in Heraklion Crete , since then the engineering team has accomplished a significant amount of engineering projects all over Crete.

Κτηματολόγιο Δηλώσεις – Διορθώσεις DeltaThita

Cadaster Statements - Alterations

Having excellent knowledge on the procedures needed to state a real estate property in the Hellenic Cadaster

Ηλεκτρονική Ταυτότητα Κτιρίου DeltaThita

Digital Identification of the Building

The correct completion of the Electronic Building Identity of each property is a process or which requires


Services provided by our office

Surveying – Plats

Achieve any type of surveying of the already existing buildings and properties

Building Permits (Authorization to build)

Our office can take on the whole procedure of the issue of building permits

Legalization of Buildings

Our office takes the responsibility to carry through with the whole procedure

Architectural Projects – Renovations

Interior / exterior design by choosing new trends and materials

Static Analysis Studies

In a country like Greece, where earthquakes happen very often

Application Act Corrections

A really demanding procedure that requires excellent knowledge of the technical issues

Declassification operations of forestry

Our office can assume your guidance as well as the process of stating

Public Projects’ Studies

Proper study of a public project is a rather demanding process

Trust DeltaThita

The engineering team of the office can complete each challenge based on our 3 main pillars:

Quality of services provided, Excellent training of executives and Reliability in terms of completion time